Bound and Determined

"I never thought I'd say it, but it's really good to be back." Ron flopped onto his bed and folded his arms behind his head.

Harry pulled his books out of his trunk. "Yeah, it is."

"Are you going to join one of the new clubs McGonagall started? I think the Wizard Chess Club would be interesting, we should do that!"

"I don't like chess that much, Ron." Harry shook his head and rifled around for a quill. "And I don't know that I want to join anything."

"Come on, mate! It's our last year here, and our first where we don't have to worry about anything more troubling than exams. Time to have some fun. What about the Dueling Club?"

Harry groaned. "That just reminds me of all the nonsense second year with Lockhart. And Malfoy."

"It'll be different this time. You'd be great at it."

"I don't think so, Ron. I think it's best if I just concentrate on school."

Seamus stuck his head in the door. "Harry? Neville wants to know if you plan to beat his face in or if he can come in and go to bed."

"For fuck's sake. I've told him a hundred times I don't care. I don't have feelings for Ginny anymore. He can have her."

"Done with her, are you?" Seamus grinned. "On to the next bit of arse?"

"Don't talk about my sister that way," Ron said automatically.

"Really, Seamus, you're a prick. I'm fine with it, I'm happy for them, and I'm going to beat your face in if you don't shut up about it." Harry stuffed his things into his bookbag and laid it on top of his trunk.

"Sounds like you need some arse," Seamus muttered and descended the stairs.

Harry shook his head and began changing into his pajamas. "I wish people would stop acting like it's a big deal. It's not."

Ron shrugged. "She did sort of cheat on you, mate. I wouldn't blame you for being upset, even if she is my sister."

"I'm not upset, and she didn't cheat. Exactly. We'd broken up."

"But you planned to get back together."

"Yes, but they went through a lot together, and honestly, the fact that it didn't really upset me says that we weren't meant to be." He slipped beneath the covers. "Truly, it's fine."

"Harry?" Neville hovered in the doorway

"Neville, I'm only going to forgive you if you promise not to bring it up again."

"But you do forgive me?"

"Yes. I promise. Drop it, yeah? Good night." Harry pulled his bed curtains together and closed his eyes.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"…Gobstones and History Club and Latin Club – oh, that's dead useful for learning the origins of spells – and then there's – are you two even listening to me?" Hermione demanded.

Harry blinked. "What? Oh, yeah… Gobstones. Great game, that."

"For a twelve-year-old girl," Ron mumbled.

"Ronald, I'll have you know that it takes precision and skill! I happen to enjoy the game, even if it doesn't involve straddling a stick and taking balls to the face!"

Harry sprayed pumpkin juice from his nose. "Sweet Merlin!" he wheezed. "Sorry, Ron, there go your plans for Friday night."

Hermione flushed crimson. "Shut it, the pair of you!"

Ron wiped tears from his eyes and let out another guffaw. "'Mione, that was priceless."

"Can we get back to the topic at hand?"

"Certainly. Would you like to discuss stick-straddling or having balls on your face?" Harry asked. Ron snorted.

"You're both disgusting and immature!"

Ron kissed her cheek. "Sorry. Go on with the lecture."

Hermione glared at him. "I was merely trying to point out to the pair of you that extracurricular activities are extremely important to have on your transcript. Universities and employers want to know that you did something in your spare time other than sit around and… and…"

"I suppose I couldn't just put down 'killing Voldemort,' could I?" Harry asked. "Because between that and revising, I barely had time for anything else."

"You found time for Quidditch easily enough," Hermione retorted.

"Sure, but what teenaged boy doesn't make time to play with his balls?"

"Harry James Potter, you are awful," she hissed.

"You started it. Look, 'Mione, I'm sorry, but I just don't want to join anything. Since we're technically eighth year students they won't even let us play Quidditch, and that's all I really wanted to do. Otherwise, I'd like the chance to know what it's like just to be a regular student. You understand, don't you?"

Hermione's face softened. "I get it. But maybe it'd be a chance for you to interact with other people."

"Trying to get rid of me, are you?"

"No! I just think it would be nice if you had more company than only Ron and me."

"That means she wants you to find a girlfriend, mate," Ron spoke up.

"Well, if the opportunity presents itself, then perhaps," Hermione admitted. "Would it be so bad?"

"So then you will have to join the Gobstones Club," Ron said gravely.

"I'm not looking for a girlfriend, or joining any clubs. I'll be fine, thanks," Harry said firmly.

"Not joining anything, Potter? What a shame."

Harry looked up to see Draco standing behind their table, trademark smirk plastered across his smug face. "Get lost, Malfoy."

"You wound me. Here I thought we'd be friends after everything you told the press about how you wanted equality for all."

"I do. And I hate you equally as much as I always did, so that takes care of it, doesn't it?"

An odd expression flashed across Draco's face for a brief moment and then his smirk returned. "Well, the place to work through that would be the Dueling Club, wouldn't it? Oh, but you don't plan to join. Pity, that."

"And you are? All the more reason for me to avoid it then."

"Of course, right. After making such a spectacle of yourself in second year you wouldn't want to give a repeat performance."

"I did not make a spectacle of myself. It was a misunderstanding."

"Where I kicked your arse in a duel and then everyone thought you were the heir of Slytherin, out to kill Justin Finch-Fletchley. Now, mind you, I would completely support that decision because I can't tolerate the idiot, but –"

"You most certainly did not kick my arse, Malfoy." Harry stood and scowled at him. "In fact, I'd say we were about even – and that was second year. You have no idea how much I've trained since then."

Draco patted his mouth in a fake yawn. "Talk all you want, but it's only talk if you aren't willing to prove it. It's all right, no need to embarrass yourself."

"I could take you on any day!"

"Sure you could, Potter." Draco patted his arm consolingly. "You keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night."

"Don't touch me!" Harry growled. "When does the stupid club meet?"

"Directly after dinner on Mondays and Thursdays. Starting tonight, in the Defense classroom."

"I'll see you there, and we'll see who embarrasses himself."

"Lovely, Potter. Can't wait." Draco flashed him a triumphant grin and spun on his heel.

Harry watched dumbly as he strode away, then turned back to his friends. Most of the Gryffindors were laughing, and Ron and Hermione were doing their best to avoid following suit. "All right, what? What's so bloody funny?"

"Oh, nothing. Just that we couldn't talk you into joining anything with us, but it took Malfoy under five minutes to goad you into it." Hermione shook her head. "Really, Harry. Telling him you hate him was a bit much, wasn't it?"

"I do hate him," Harry muttered. "Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"Well, maybe not, but come on. It's not as though we can be friends, can we?"

"You don't have to be enemies, either."

"Sure we do," Ron put in. "It's Malfoy."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Well, we'll come and watch you at your dueling tonight, won't we, Ron?"

"Yeah, sure. I can't join with you, Harry, because it turns out the Wizard Chess Club meets at the same time on Thursdays, but I can go with you tonight."

"Thanks." Harry frowned at the floor. "Damn Malfoy… why does he always get to me like that?"

"Because you let him," Hermione replied.

"Just take him down this evening," Ron suggested.

"I'll try." Harry sighed. "I've lost my appetite. I'm going for a walk, so I'll see you in classes later."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
A walk around the castle didn't help, nor did afternoon classes. Harry was wound up by the time dinner rolled around, and other than exchanging a few glances Ron and Hermione wisely avoided discussing the topic at hand until they'd finished eating.

"So… are you ready to go, mate?" Ron asked tentatively.

Harry looked up from the potatoes he'd been stabbing with his fork and scowled. "Why did I agree to this?"

"Because you're obsessed with Malfoy," Ron replied.

"I am not!"

"Oh, Harry, you are too." Hermione shook her head. "You followed him everywhere before the war, and yes, I realize he was up to something and you were right. But you still watch him all the time, and you let him bait you into this today. You're obsessed with him."

"Whatever. I'm going to get this over with." Harry shoved his plate away and got up. "Coming?"

Hermione sighed. "Of course."

Harry tried to clear his mind as he walked beside his friends. Despite his previous bravado with Draco, he wasn't entirely convinced he could win against him. He knew how to duel, knew his offensive and defensive spells well, but surely Draco did, too. What if he lost? What if he allowed Malfoy to make a fool of him?


"What?" Harry snapped.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "We're here."

"Oh." Harry sighed. "Sorry. Just a bit nervous."

"Why? You're brilliant with spells," Ron told him.

"And maybe you won't even have to duel Malfoy. This is an educational club, Harry, not an excuse for the two of you to brawl." Hermione crossed her arms. "Maybe you can learn to work together."

Harry laughed incredulously. "Come on, he challenged me, Hermione! He didn't want me to join so that we could work together, he wants me here so that he can try and make me look like a fool!"

"I don't need to try, Potter. You do that alone better than I ever could." Draco appeared in the classroom doorway and grinned. "Glad you could make it, though. Oh, and Granger – you're right. I do want to work with Potter."

"Really." Harry narrowed his eyes.

"Yes. It's so much easier to humiliate you when you're participating, after all."

"We'll see who's humiliating who," Harry shot back.

"So you keep telling me. Professor Schock is ready to begin, so if you lot are going to join us then I suggest you come in." Draco reentered the classroom.

"I suggest you take a flying leap without a broom," Ron muttered. "Seriously, Harry, duel him and hex his arse until it falls off."

"I'll see what I can do," Harry replied grimly.

Hermione huffed. "Well, just get inside already so that we can get this over with."

"Welcome!" Professor Schock called as they joined the group. "Three new recruits, excellent!"

"We're not joining," Hermione said hastily. "Harry is, though – we just came for support."

"Pity. Well, we'll be having a lot of fun and you may change your minds!" Professor Schock motioned to them. "Come, come – we're just about to begin discussing defensive spells. I know many of you are quite experienced, so we'll go over the basics and break into groups for more specific instruction."

Harry barely heard a word the professor said for watching Malfoy. That smug prat, he thought with irritation. Still determined to best me after all these years.

"Would anyone care to go first?" Professor Schock stopped directly in front of Harry. "Anyone?"

"I would. And I believe Potter here would like to oppose me." Draco got to his feet and sauntered to the center of the room.

Professor Schock clapped his hands in glee. "Wonderful! Mr. Potter?"

Harry glanced at his friends before standing up. "Er… fine." He joined Draco and waited while the professor explained proper dueling etiquette.

"Ready, gentlemen? Face each other, if you please." Professor Schock motioned to them.

Draco turned and held his wand upright. "Would it be terribly cliché to say, 'scared, Potter?'"

"Yes. But for the sake of tradition – you wish."

Draco's smile widened. "Oh, I do believe I'm going to enjoy beating you."

Harry sucked in a breath. That smile – an actual, genuine smile instead of a smirk – was unnervingly attractive at such close range. "I'll enjoy seeing you try."

"Bow, gentlemen, and take your paces."

They did as they were instructed and waited in position. The moment Professor Schock gave the go-ahead Harry shouted, "Tarantallegra!"

"Protego!" Draco shot back, deflecting Harry's spell with ease.

Harry barely darted out of the way when Draco sent a tongue-tying hex flying toward him and set up his own Protego before trying a leg-locker hex. Draco deflected.

The crowd around them melted away, despite the noise, as Harry and Draco threw spell after spell at each other. Droplets of perspiration slid down Harry's temples and he racked his brain for more spells – Malfoy was a greater opponent than he'd expected.

"Incarcerous!" Malfoy shouted as Harry threw a trip jinx his way. Thick ropes materialized out of the air and wrapped themselves around Harry's wrists and ankles, causing him to drop to the floor with a thud.

Draco grinned smugly when his spell hit its target and therefore wasn't quick enough to avoid Harry's jinx, and he found himself propelled forward as his feet seemed to stick to the ground. He tried to regain his footing but then tripped of his own accord over Harry's bound form and landed directly on top of him.

Harry groaned and writhed beneath Draco, trying to move away with no success. A strangled moan escaped his mouth, and when Draco sucked in a breath and looked at him sharply, Harry knew he'd been found out.

"Good work, boys! Excellent show." Professor Schock helped Draco up and vanished the ropes binding Harry. "Who's next? Come, now, don't be shy!"

Harry scrambled up and made his way through the crowd, ignoring Ron and Hermione as he passed them. He didn't stop until he needed to push open the door and once he made it into the corridor he ran.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It wasn't something he even cared to admit to himself, but it was there. Mad-Eye Moody and his rather unorthodox training methods had moved into Grimmauld Place during the war, and when Harry was unable to deflect a more complex binding spell several times Mad-Eye had blown up at Harry. He left him bound – to impress the need for 'constant vigilance,' he'd said – and limped away to take his evening meal.

It had been uncomfortable at first, but something about the feel of the ropes against his skin eventually made his cock harden. It was difficult to think of little else once his imagination began working – if the bindings felt so good against his wrists and ankles, how would they feel on his cock? Or better yet, how would it feel to have someone riding his cock while he was bound? Teasing him, torturing him with pleasure he couldn't reciprocate?

He didn't even bother to find it disturbing that his helpful mind provided a bloke as his imaginary sexual partner; he was more interested in doing his best to roll toward a surface he could frot against to relieve the tent in his trousers. To his complete horror and dismay, Charlie Weasley came to find him just as he'd begun attempting to hump the wall. He politely released Harry's bindings and departed again with only a small smirk.

Thus began Harry's fantasies of Charlie tying him to a bed and fucking him raw. They definitely made his recent discovery of Ginny's new relationship easier to swallow.

When Draco's spell took hold, it was all Harry could do not to moan then and there. He'd been dying to be bound again, preferably by someone gorgeous and naked, and reluctant as he was to admit it Draco fit the bill. He obviously hadn't been naked but Harry couldn't help picturing him that way in that moment, and then he suddenly had the man on top of him… he was halfway to orgasm and his cock had barely been touched.

He knew from Draco's expression that he'd felt Harry's erection prodding his hip, and Harry was mortified. His secret would be out – Harry Potter, the pervert who gets off on being tied up – and everyone would think he was a freak. He couldn't imagine Draco not telling the entire school what he'd discovered.

Ron and Hermione left him alone after Ron came to find him and nearly got hexed for his trouble, and Ron must have warned the rest of their dorm mates because Harry was blessedly undisturbed in his brooding that evening. He closed his bed curtains when curfew arrived, knowing his alone time was about to end, but just as he was about to settle beneath the covers a low hoot caught his attention. He opened the curtains to find a school owl blinking sleepily at him and took the letter the owl had carried.


I think you and I have a few things to discuss. Meet me in the Room of Requirement tomorrow night at curfew. Come alone and don't tell your friends – for your own privacy. I have no intention of harming you, but I doubt you'll want your precious Gryffindor sidekicks to hear what we'll be talking about.

It's in your best interest not to ignore this. I wouldn't want to have to begin telling people what I know about their Golden Boy, now would I?

Be there, Potter, and you won't be sorry you came.


Harry frowned at the elegant scrawl, his hand shaking. I knew it, he thought. He's going to blackmail me now. I'll have to do his bidding or be humiliated, and I don't even know which would be worse.

He hid the letter beneath his pillow and closed his eyes wearily.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Harry's heart was pounding as he stared at the doorway that was already in place when he arrived at the Room of Requirement. The fact that it was visible to him could only mean that Malfoy was inside, anticipating his arrival. Was he even alone? Harry had a sudden mental image of a roomful of students waiting inside to laugh at him.

Still, Malfoy had mentioned in his letter that he understood Harry might not want anyone else involved. Though he didn't necessarily trust Malfoy, he didn't have much of his previous animosity left. His hatred of the Slytherin was automatic and, if he admitted it to himself, not entirely genuine. Perhaps Malfoy really meant to keep the matter between them.

You'll never find out if you don't bloody go inside, Harry told himself. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Inside was a crackling fire in a stone hearth surrounded by a sofa and two wingback chairs. Off to one side was a sunken bathtub filled with bubbles, and on the other side was a large four-poster bed. Harry swallowed as he scanned the room.

"Like it?"

Harry jumped when Draco sat up on the sofa, having been hidden by the furniture's tall back. "Malfoy!"

"Surprised to see me? I take it you received my letter, as you're here, so I'm not sure who you expected to see."

"You just startled me," Harry mumbled. "What's this about?"

"Have a seat, won't you?" Draco patted the cushion beside him.

Harry frowned warily and sat in one of the chairs instead. "I'm sitting. Talk."

"You're not going to make this easy, are you? Well, it's up to you, but considering I have certain… information, I'd consider my tone if I was in your place." Draco smiled. "So, how long has it turned you on to be tied up? And don't bother denying it – we both know it's true, and delaying this further will only make me angry. How long?"

"I don't know," Harry muttered. "Found out about it last year."


"That's none of your fucking business!"

"Again with the tone. Calm down. I'll tell you what – let's trade information. I'll start, and you reciprocate. I've been interested in tying my lovers up since about fifth year, when I first saw it in a magazine. There was a bloke all tied up with silk scarves – his wrists, his ankles, even his cock. It looked positively stunning. I've read up on it since and it can get pretty intricate. While I'm not terribly interested in the more artistic forms of bondage, I'd really like the chance to tie up a lover and tease him." He stretched his legs out in front of him and crossed them at the ankles. "Your turn."

"I…" Harry shifted uncomfortably. Draco's admission had stirred his cock and he was more than half hard. "It was an accident. I kept getting hit with a binding spell during training and Moody left me like that for awhile, told me if I knew how it felt then maybe I'd be more likely to avoid it next time."

"The man's a nutter," Draco replied with a scowl, obviously recalling the ferret incident. "Go on."

"Well, I guess it started to sort of feel good. The ropes on my skin and the feeling of helplessness, like anyone could walk in and do anything they wanted to me, you know? I sort of liked it. Having someone take the decisions out of my hands, even if just for sex. The pressure I was under was crushing me and it felt good to be…" Harry ran a hand through his hair.

"Dependent?" Draco asked softly.

"Yeah. Can't believe I'm telling you this."

"I'll tell you something else. I never intended to tell anyone about you. I just wanted to get you here."

"Really?" Harry asked, surprised.

"Really. We're sort of alike, you know. I'd hoped that when we came back to finish school that we could try to start over. The war took a lot out of me, Harry." Draco leaned forward. "I wanted you to join the Dueling Club so that we could try spending some time together."

Harry shook his head. "I… but you hate me."

"I don't. Do you hate me?"

"I suppose not."

"It's silly, isn't it? To keep going as we were?"

"You still make fun of me, though."

"In front of others. It's hard for me to act differently. I still don't like your friends, and I'd prefer any relationship you and I form to be separate from them. At least at first."


"Yes. Friendship, or more, if you like my offer."

Harry's mouth went dry. "What offer?"

"The reason I wanted you to come here tonight. You like being tied up. Have you ever experienced it sexually?"

"Not yet." Harry's cheeks reddened.

"Good. I want to be in control, and I haven't yet found a lover who is willing to allow me that. I'm quite attracted to you and I think we just might be a perfect match. Come and sit beside me, Harry."

Draco's voice was mesmerizing, and Harry found himself moving to the sofa before he realized what he was doing. "I don't… are you sure?"

"I'm sure I want you. How much we experience is up to you, Harry. I'm willing to tie you up and suck you off, fuck you, ride you… anything. It will be our secret for as long as it's mutually enjoyable."

Harry opened his mouth but found himself without words. He watched with trepidation as Draco raised his hand slowly and cupped his cheek.

"Do you want this? If you don't, you need to leave now. It will remain our secret, I promise." Draco licked his lips. "If you stay, you can decide how far we go. I'm up for anything." He leaned closer, curling his fingers around the nape of Harry's neck and resting his lips on the shell of Harry's ear. "Stay or go, Harry?"

Harry moaned and shuddered at the sensations of Draco's hot breath and low voice. "Stay."

"Excellent choice." Draco fastened his mouth to Harry's and kissed him then, hard and wet, and Harry could only whimper and cling to him.

He found himself maneuvered toward the bed soon after and gasped when his clothes disappeared at a whispered word from Draco. "Do it," he begged. "Tie me up. Before I lose my nerve."

"Are you afraid?" Draco stilled above Harry. "I'm not going to hurt you. I don't mix sex and pain."

"No, I just…" He looked up at Draco, silently pleading for him to understand.

"You want to be vulnerable but you're afraid to be."

"Yes." Harry closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again he saw Draco watching him with an amused smirk. "What?"

"Story of my bloody life, Potter. I can tell you stories another time, but for now I'll just assure you – my word as a wizard – that I won't harm you. You tell me to stop and I will. Do we need a safe word?"

"No. I won't tell you to stop unless I mean it."

"All right." Draco slid off the bed and retrieved some silk scarves from the bedside table. "Are these all right? I'd sort of envisioned using them ever since I saw that picture. If you'd prefer ropes, though…"

"Those are fine." Harry raised his arms above his head and imagined his wrists bound to the headboard. A quiet moan escaped before he could stop himself and he looked at Draco sharply, expecting to be mocked.

Draco was watching him, but not with amusement. An expression of naked hunger crossed his face and he vanished his own clothing quickly before reaching for Harry's hands. "Tell me if it's too tight or too loose, yeah?"

"Yeah," Harry rasped. Draco quickly wove the cloth around his wrists and fastened it to the bed, leaving enough play for Harry's shoulders to rest comfortably on the mattress without allowing him too much movement. His legs came next with each ankle bound to a post so that they were spread wide with every part of Harry exposed.

Harry swallowed and tried to even his breathing. He'd never done anything like this, gone so far with a partner. Hell, no one had touched his cock before or even seen it outside of the Quidditch changing rooms. Yet there he was, naked and tied to a bed by a person who'd tormented him as often as possible as long as they'd known each other.

"It's all right, Harry." A gentle hand touched his knee and Harry jumped. Draco chuckled. "You look terrified. Is it uncomfortable?"

"No…" Harry tugged at his restraints experimentally. "It's fine."

"You look good like that. I'd like to suck your cock now, if you'll let me."

Harry's reservations dissolved as quickly as his blood rushed south at Draco's statement. "Fuck, yes."

Draco moved to the foot of the bed and crawled between Harry's parted legs. "How far do you want to go tonight?"

"I, um… well, I haven't… that is to say…" Harry flushed hotly. "Maybe just this, for now. I'll do something for you, too, of course."

"Of course." Draco grinned. "This is fine. Let's get to it, then."

Harry bucked a bit at the first touch of lips to his skin. He writhed as Draco placed sucking kisses along the tender flesh of his inner thighs, moving closer and closer to Harry's cock as he went.

He didn't have much experience at all, as he had attempted to convey to Draco, so the first time Draco's mouth closed around his shaft he cried out. It felt incredible. He ached to reach for Draco, to tangle his fingers in that soft hair, but all he could do was tug at his restraints. He was helpless, defenseless.

Bound and yet somehow free.

Harry had known why he wanted it, had ideas about how it would make him feel. It wasn't the same as experiencing it, though, and his chest ached with the joy of being taken care of, being touched and pleasured and fucking worshipped by the sinful mouth that was sucking his very soul out through his cock.

He arched his back and moaned. His nerves were alight with sensation, seeming to flash and flare with every succulent sweep of Draco's tongue over his erection. His orgasm began as a steady hum and built to a roar that filled his ears and whitened the edges of his vision. He poured himself into Draco's waiting mouth and squeezed his eyes shut as he fought to catch his breath.

"That was intense," he finally said hoarsely. "Really intense."

"Looked like it. I loved that you were mine for the taking." Draco sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Got your wind back?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Good." Draco straddled Harry's torso and crawled up his body. "Because now you're going to finish me off like a good little cocksucker."

Harry's breath hitched when Draco slapped his cheek lightly with his prick. "I've never…"

"You'll be fine." Draco rubbed the head of his cock across Harry's lips and smiled. "Open up."

Harry took a deep breath and complied, humming when the first drop of Draco's sticky fluid landed on his tongue. He closed his mouth around Draco's cock and sucked on it lightly. Everything Draco had done had been fantastic and he tried to imitate it, though he'd admittedly been too busy trying not to pass out to take notes.

Even more than when he'd been on the receiving end his hands wanted to reach for Draco, to explore his body. He wondered if he'd ever be allowed to touch the man properly or if Draco was only interested as long as he could tie Harry up. The thought saddened him somehow, even though the bondage was the very reason he was there in the first place.

"All right there?"

Harry looked up at Draco and nodded slightly. He realized he'd stopped what he was doing, lost in thought, and started up again.

Draco leaned forward and gripped the headboard above the ties that held Harry's arms in place. He rocked his hips slightly, an intense expression of concentration on his face, and Harry realized that he must have been trying to hold back. He was grateful for that – he wasn't yet accustomed to taking a cock into his throat and he had no desire to choke to death or gag and vomit all over Draco's groin. He wasn't even sure which would be worse.

His neck was beginning to become sore but he persevered, bobbing his head upward again and again as Draco's panting became harsh and ragged. Suddenly he found his mouth empty as Draco pulled out, and he closed his eyes when hot spurts of come began to paint his face.

Draco sat beside Harry. "That was good."

"Yeah," Harry managed. "I, um… I have come stuck to my eyelashes. I'm sort of afraid to open my eyes."

Laughing, Draco grabbed his wand and performed a Cleaning Charm. "Sorry about that. I didn't know if you'd like it, but I also didn't know if you'd be prepared to swallow lying down, it being your first time and all."

"I liked it, really. It was… hot."

"Most things I do are," Draco replied airily. "You did well. A successful first encounter overall, I'd say."

"So… you want to do this again, then?" Harry's voice was tentative.

"I do, yes. If you do. As I said, we'll continue as long as we find this mutually enjoyable. Tomorrow, if you're ready, I'd like to go a bit further."

"That sounds good," Harry replied quickly. "I'd like to, um… do more."

"I'd like that too. What I really want to do is ride you, Harry. Ride you while you're tied up like this… tease you by moving slowly when you want to fuck me hard… how does that sound?" Draco reached down to toy with Harry's balls.

"Sounds… lovely," Harry managed. "Feels nice."

"We should get back." Draco gave his handful a quick squeeze before letting go and releasing Harry's bonds.

Harry sat up and rubbed his wrists. "Er… thanks. For this."

"My pleasure. Same time tomorrow, then?"


"Remember, don't tell anyone about this."

Harry snorted. "Not likely to come up in conversation, don't worry."

"Good." Draco dressed quickly. "Tomorrow, then."


"Good night, Harry." Draco threw him a smile and disappeared out the door.

"Good night," Harry called after him. He stared at the bed for a moment and wondered if he'd dreamed it all.

He also wondered how he was going to make it through an entire day before he could be with Draco again.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It was strange the next day, seeing Draco in classes and remembering everything they'd done together the night before. Watching Draco eat breakfast with the mouth that had sucked him off not twelve hours before nearly made Harry come in his pants, and it only got worse with each passing meal. It was funny, really, how at that time the previous day he'd been arguing with Draco about joining the bloody Dueling Club.

Draco kept his distance throughout the day, barely making eye contact with Harry and completely avoiding conversation. By dinner Harry thought he might have imagined the whole thing.

"Harry?" Hermione said tentatively. "Are you all right?"

He blinked and looked at her. "Huh? Fine, yeah, why do you ask?"

"You've been pulverizing your vegetables and staring at Malfoy for the last fifteen minutes."

"Honestly, mate, the duel wasn't that bad," Ron spoke up. "Malfoy did a hell of a lot better than any of us expected, but it isn't as though you lost… exactly. Since you ran away and all."

"It isn't healthy to be so obsessed with him all over again, Harry," Hermione said. "Can't you just let it go? Maybe you'll beat him next time. It's just for fun, isn't it?"

"Right, fun." Harry shoved his plate away. "Excuse me, I've got… homework."

Ignoring the concerned looks his friends exchanged as he left, Harry hurried out the door and back to Gryffindor Tower.

I've got to wank before I spontaneously combust, or I'm never going to last tonight.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Welcome back," Draco greeted Harry when he arrived.

"Hi," Harry replied shyly.

"You're going to have to work on your self-control. The way you were staring at me all day practically told the whole school what we're up to." Draco stood and sauntered toward Harry. "Not that I blame you for thinking about it, but tone it down a bit, yeah?"

"Sorry," Harry mumbled. "My friends just thought I was angry at you or something."

"That's good. Ready to do this?"

Harry nodded. "You want me to get on the bed?"

"In a moment. First…" Draco tipped Harry's chin up. "Hello." He kissed him lightly.

Harry's eyelids fluttered closed as he kissed Draco back. "Hello," he breathed when they parted.

"I can't wait to ride you."

"I can't, either." Harry followed Draco to the bed and undressed silently beside him. His bonds felt familiar this time, though Draco allowed more slack on his legs so that he could close them further when it came time for Draco to straddle him.

He moaned when Draco began to kiss and lick his chest, moving downward bit by bit until he had reached Harry's cock. Draco bypassed it in favor of sucking on Harry's balls and nibbling at his thighs.

Draco teased Harry for a bit longer, then crawled back up and reached for a bottle of lube on the bedside table. "Normally I'd ask you to prepare me, but you seem to be… tied up."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Ha."

"I imaging you've never done any rimming, and I right?"

"I've never done anything, short of what I've done with you." Harry's face was hot.

"Nothing to be ashamed of. Would you like to try it?"

"You… on you?"

"Unless you see any other arseholes around here that need licking. I'm fairly sure you can't reach your own."

Harry choked out a laugh. "Er, probably not."

"You can say no, Harry. It won't bother me."

"No! I mean, not no… just no, I don't want to say no. That is, I want to do it." Harry closed his eyes. "Something about you makes me babble like a fucking idiot."

"It's probably my arse. Have you seen it? I mean, really seen it? It's fairly legendary." Draco turned around to give Harry a good look. "And the fact that you're about to experience it for yourself makes your babbling understandable. In fact, maybe that's been your problem all these years!" Draco said in wonder. "Here I thought you were a bit dim, and all this time you've just been reacting to my incredible, breathtaking arse! Seems I owe you an apology, Harry."

"Are you finished?" Harry replied dryly.

"Not yet, but that's what you're here for."

"Well, bring that thing a little closer if you want me to do something with it."

Draco grinned and crawled backward. "That good?"

"Your balls are on my chin."

"You're welcome."

Harry chuckled, nerves forgotten, and wondered suddenly if that's what Draco had intended with his teasing. He stuck his tongue out and took a tentative lick of the skin behind Draco's sac. Draco's legs were spread wide enough that Harry had a rather cross-eyed view of his destination, and though he wished he could use his hands to part Draco's buttocks – admittedly as fabulous as Draco had claimed – there was a certain primal thrill to using only his face.

He trailed his tongue up until he reached Draco's tight pucker and licked his way around it. Trying to imitate the things he'd seen in the magazines he kept hidden beneath his mattress, Harry nudged his nose between Draco's buttocks and lapped harder at the furled hole. Draco was moaning loudly in response, encouraging Harry to continue.

"Fuck…" Draco whined. "Harry, fuck!"

Harry pressed against the entrance until it gave way, allowing his tongue access. He worked it in and out repeatedly until his jaw began to ache.

When Harry's ministrations slowed Draco moved away and turned around. "You're quite the natural at that," he commented, his usually flawless face quite flushed.

"Thanks, I guess," Harry replied. "And here I didn't think I had enough extra-curriculars on my record."

"You can add that, though I don't know that I'd approve of you taking a job those credentials helped to secure." Draco picked up the abandoned bottle of lube and poured himself a handful.

Harry craned his neck to watch as Draco slicked two fingers and pushed them into himself. It was possibly the sexiest thing he'd seen yet, though the top spot was constantly being overtaken every time Draco did something new.

How could I possibly have missed how bloody sexual Draco is all these years? Harry wondered. Now that I've seen him like this I won't be able to watch him do anything without wanting to pounce on him. I thought today was bad but I suspect it's only going to be worse from here on out.

"…ready, Harry?" Draco was watching him with a raised eyebrow.

Harry blinked. "Er, yeah. Ready."

Draco ran his lube-coated palm down Harry's shaft and straddled him again, this time facing Harry. He reached behind himself and grasped Harry's cock.

Harry fought to remain still as his prick was swallowed up by the tightest heat he could have imagined. Watching Draco's face contort with concentration as he sank down slowly made Harry pull at his restraints, desperate to grasp Draco's slim hips and force him down the rest of the way.

"Easy there," Draco told him breathlessly. "You feel fucking incredible inside me, but it's my show now, remember?"

"Yes," Harry groaned. "But it's… it's…"

"I know." Draco wiggled his arse a bit before rising up and falling back down, setting a slow and precise pace that Harry was certain was designed to drive him completely mad.

Unable to do anything to participate, Harry whimpered pitifully as Draco teased him and tortured him. Every time Harry would try to buck his hips Draco would stop moving all together until Harry promised to behave.

Harry finally closed his eyes and gave himself over to his helpless pleasure. Draco mercifully sped his motions bit by bit, whittling away at Harry's fragile hold on himself. Harry opened his eyes again when he heard the distinct sound of flesh on flesh and moaned at the sight of Draco on top of him, head thrown back and fucking himself wildly on Harry's cock while he tugged at his own. He came then, unable to stop himself or do anything but spasm and spill his release into Draco.

Draco's back bowed and he groaned once, long and loud, as he fisted his cock and deposited jet after jet of come across Harry's belly and chest. His motions slowed but did not still, and he looked down at Harry and smiled as he continued riding him. "Feel all right?"

"Better than all right. Tired, though."

"Yes, we should probably go." Draco rose a final time, this time not stopping until his arse released Harry's cock. "I can't meet tomorrow night, but perhaps Thursday after Dueling Club?"

"Oh." Harry hoped his disappointment wasn't too apparent since he wasn't able to hide his face. "Sure."

"Great." Draco removed Harry's bonds and handed him his clothing. They dressed silently.

"So… see you tomorrow?"

"Thursday," Draco reminded him.

"Well, yeah, but I mean in classes."

"Sure, though we can't exactly talk to each other."

"Why not?" Harry ventured.

Draco's forehead creased. "Everyone thinks we still hate each other. Had you forgotten?"

"No, I just… never mind. See you Thursday, then."

Harry hurried back to his dorm beneath his cloak and snuck to his bed. As he tried to go to sleep, he wondered if he'd ever mean as much to Draco as Draco was beginning to mean to him.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

They met several more times over the next few weeks. Each time, Harry was tied up while Draco pleasured him in some way. Harry couldn't deny that it was brilliant, but he was beginning to tire of the games. He still loved being bound, loved having Draco touch him and tease him as he learned the quickest ways to make Harry writhe and come, but each encounter left him wanting more.

It was the night that he allowed Draco to bind him in a prone position before spanking and fucking him for the first time that Harry finally dared to ask for more.

"Draco, wait." Harry sat up and rubbed his wrists.

Draco paused as he was about to pull his shirt over his head. "Yes?"

"I… could we stay here a little longer? Talk for a bit?" He stared at his hands as he asked, and when Draco met his request with silence his heart sank. Every time they finished Draco would dress and leave, and he was surely itching to do the same this time.

"Sure we can."

Harry's head snapped up and he found Draco watching him. "Really?"

"Of course." Draco crawled back onto the bed and sat in front of him, cross-legged. "What did you want to talk about?"

"I, um… I just thought we could talk in general," Harry said lamely. "We do a little, which is nice, and we're meant to be friends now, aren't we? Secret friends, at least."

"Oh." Draco looked surprised. "Well, sure."

"So… do you want to tell me anything about yourself?"

"Er, all right." Draco scratched his head. "I'm not sure what you want to know."

"Anything. About you."

"My favorite color is blue," Draco offered.

"Really? Not green?"

"Surprisingly, no. But that doesn't mean I want to be a Ravenclaw," he amended quickly. "How about you?"

"It's red. And that's nothing to do with Gryffindor, I've just always liked it. I don't like gold that much, though – I've always preferred silver." He studied Draco's eyes for a moment and blushed.

Draco smiled and touched his hand. "I do like green, under the right circumstances. It can be very… sexy."

Harry's flush deepened. "Um, what's your favorite food?"

"Treacle tart," he replied immediately. "I could eat it daily."

"Really?" Harry perked up. "Me too!"

"You should come to the Manor and try the tart our house elves make. Better than here, I think, though these elves make a good one."

"I'd like that," Harry said shyly. They looked at each other for a moment before Draco spoke up again.

"I'm tired."

"Oh… all right." Harry tried to stifle his disappointment and moved to get up.

"Wait, I thought… maybe we can just lie down for a bit."

Harry's face lit up. "Yeah? All right." He pulled back the covers and slipped beneath them.

Draco slid in beside him. "Roll over, yeah?"

Harry did, and hummed in contentment when Draco curled up with his back to Harry's chest. Harry draped an arm around his waist and held him close, as he'd been wanting to do more and more over the weeks they'd spent together.

They talked for awhile longer, sharing more stories and favorite things, but Harry soon found his eyes struggling to remain open. He pressed his face to the back of Draco's neck and sighed. "Sleepy."

"Me too."

"Don't want to move."

"Don't, then. Tomorrow's Saturday – let's sleep here."

Harry's heart skipped a beat at the thought of sleeping beside Draco. Somehow it seemed more intimate than everything they'd shared so far. "Okay."

It didn't take long before they were both asleep, and when Harry woke the next morning he found himself still wrapped around Draco, one leg slung over his hips. His cock was nestled against Draco's arse and wasn't entirely flaccid. He pressed his lips to Draco's shoulder and pulled him closer.

"Mmm," Draco murmured, pushing his arse back against Harry. "Nice."

Harry's breathing was shallow as he tentatively reached to part Draco's buttocks and search out his hole with a saliva-slicked finger. Draco moaned and arched his back.

"Wait…" Draco rasped. "Wait."

Harry paused, ready to push inside. "What is it?"

"You aren't tied up."

Harry backed away quickly. He doesn't want anything from you. He wants to tie you up and play out his fantasies and then walk away, and you were foolish to believe anything else. "I've… I've got to go."

"What?" Draco sat up and watched in confusion as Harry practically leaped from the bed and tugged on his clothes. "Wait, where are you going?"

"Away. I… I'm supposed to be somewhere. Forgot. See you."


He ran, not stopping until he was safely in his own bed. His dorm mates were gone, likely at breakfast, and Harry welcomed the silence.

Though he'd foolishly dreamed the night before of a romantic weekend with Draco, he figured his time would be better spent wallowing in a healthy dose of self-pity instead.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Why did you run out on me this morning? Things were just getting good.

Meet me in the room at two today so we can pick up where we left off.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~


We agreed to continue our activities as long as they were mutually enjoyable. They are no longer such to me, so I won't be meeting you anymore.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The next week was foggy for Harry. He couldn't help but notice that Draco watched him anytime they were near each other, but he knew it had to be simply disbelief that he'd been turned down.

Harry couldn't imagine anyone else being foolish enough to turn down Draco Malfoy.

It was Saturday morning when Ron and Hermione finally approached him and dragged him bodily down to the lake. Hermione sat him down and stood over him, hands on her hips, and glared.

"All right, Harry, this has gone on long enough."

"What are you on about?"

"Don't play stupid with me, Harry Potter. We've let you have your privacy in hopes that you'd eventually come to us and tell us what's been going on, but clearly you're not going to do that. Who is she and what's happened?"

"Who's who?"

"Come on, mate." Ron sat down beside Harry. "Did you think I wouldn't notice that you've barely slept in your own bed since the term began? I know I'm not always that observant, but even I notice when my best friend is missing. If You-Know-Who was still alive I'd be worried, but as it is I figured you were out shagging someone. Who is she?"

"What makes you think it's a she?" Harry shot back without thinking, then groaned.

Ron blinked. "Okay… then who is he?"

Harry's eyebrows shot up in surprise at Ron's easy acceptance. "Er… I can't say."

"You've seemed happier than normal lately, Harry. Most of the time, anyway. But for the last few days you've been miserable and you aren't hiding it well." Hermione knelt in front of him. "We care about you, Harry."

"I know you do, but… I can't talk about it."

"You know we'll support you no matter what."

"I know, but…"

"And that means that we'll be okay with it if you tell us that you've been seeing, oh, say… Draco Malfoy?"

Harry's eyes widened and he met Hermione's perceptive gaze. "What?"

"It's all right, Harry."

"But…" Harry scrubbed a hand over his face. "How did you know?"

"I didn't, until you told Ron it was a man. It fits, though – the way you've been watching him, the way he's been watching you, the way you quit the Dueling Club this week… what happened?"

"Did he do something to you, mate? I'd love to kick his arse on your behalf," Ron added.

"I can't believe you're both being so calm about this." Harry sighed. "We… we were sort of seeing each other. But I ended it."

"Then why do you look like he ripped your heart out?" Hermione asked gently.

"Because… I don't know. I guess I wanted more than he did."

"So he did hurt you, then? And I can kick his arse?" Ron's tone was hopeful, and Harry had to laugh in spite of himself.

"No, Ron, that won't be necessary. Look, we started… seeing each other with a common goal in mind. I ended up wanting more, so it's my own fault."

"So he just wants to shag but you fell in love with him," Hermione summarized.

"No! I mean, I do want something, but I don't think… I mean, I don't know that I love him. I just know that I like being with him and I like talking to him and I'd like to get to know him better. I'd like to be seen with him in public, but he doesn't want that. I knew it going in, so I can't blame him. I thought things might be changing between us but it turns out I was wrong, so I ended it before I got any more involved." Harry tugged a blade of grass from the earth and sighed.

"Well… maybe that's better, then." Hermione bit her lip. "Although he's been watching you for days now. He looks upset. I'd originally assumed you'd fought with him, but knowing this it seems like he's not happy you broke up with him."

"I didn't break up with him. We weren't together."

"Were you with other people?"

"No! I mean, I wasn't, and I don't think he was."

"Then you were together."

"We weren't, Hermione. He didn't want people to know about us. He didn't want to be friends with my friends. He didn't want to see me unless we were meeting to… do things. If he looks upset it's simply because he's not used to being rejected."

"Did you tell him you want more?"

"No! I didn't feel the need to embarrass myself."

"Was he kind to you? When you were together?"

"If he wasn't, I'll kick his arse," Ron spoke up.

"He was." Harry smiled softly. "It was kind of perfect."

"Are you sure he doesn't return your feelings, Harry? It's difficult for women to be in relationships with men because they won't communicate. I'd imagine it's twice as bad for a pair of men."

"I communicate!" Ron objected.

"If the conversation is about Quidditch or sandwiches, yes, you do."

"I'm hungry," he replied wistfully.

"My point exactly. Harry, maybe you shouldn't write him off until you talk to him some more. And if he doesn't want to be friends with us, well… that's understandable, I suppose. I don't know how well that would work out anyway. But I think we could all learn to be civil to each other, especially with your happiness as a common goal."

"And I could kick his arse if he won't be civil," Ron put in.

"I appreciate the advice, 'Mione, and the offers of bodily harm, Ron. But I don't want anyone to kick his arse and I don't want to have to look at his face when he tells me he just wants to be friends or shag partners. It's best to leave it alone."

Hermione sighed. "Fine. But you're being foolish."

"I'm being cautious."

"Which is the same as being foolish when it results in unhappiness. You'll never know if you don't try, and if he's really changed enough for you to care about him so much then he won't ridicule you for it."

"And if he does…" Ron began.

"…you'll kick his arse," Harry finished. "Got it." He stood and brushed off the seat of his denims. "Thanks for being understanding. I need to go and think about things."

"Good," Hermione encouraged. "We'll see you at lunch, then."

Harry waved to his friends and hurried back inside, not noticing the body in front of him until he'd collided with it. "Oof – sorry."

"Potter." Draco gripped Harry's upper arms to steady him. "Careful."

"Dra… Malfoy. Sorry about that."

"It's fine. Wait!" He held one of Harry's arms as he tried to keep walking. "I want to talk to you."

Harry's stomach churned. "I don't really want to."

"Too bad," Draco retorted. "I thought we were going to be friends, Harry."

"Were we?" Harry retorted. "Funny, that, since you didn't want me to tell anyone about that."

"What? But –"

"It's done, Draco. It was fun while it lasted but now it's over."

"Stop." Draco tightened his grip. "I want to talk about this. Even if you mean that, I at least deserve an explanation."

"I don't think it's necessary. You wanted a convenient shag partner, you had one. I just don't want to do it anymore."

"I wouldn't have expected this from you." Draco's voice was low. "I really liked you, Harry. It hurt to be tossed aside like that."

"What?" Harry stopped trying to pull his arm free and stared at Draco. "How can you say that when you only wanted to hide me away in the Room of Requirement?"

"I didn't want that! There wasn't anywhere else we could be alone!"

"No, but you sure didn't want anyone to know about us. If there even was an 'us' beyond the shagging."

"Harry." Draco tugged on his arm until Harry reluctantly stepped closer. "Why did you leave that morning?"

"I wanted…" Harry swallowed. "I wanted to touch you. I wanted to make love to you properly. But you just wanted to tie me up again."

"I thought that's why you were there." Draco shook his head in confusion. "I thought that's what you wanted from me."

"I did, in the beginning, and it was good, but… I wanted more, too."

"I care about you, Harry," Draco said quietly. "I'm not that good with this sort of thing, but you matter to me. I thought we could be friends, and then when you agreed to start our… whatever you want to call it… I thought we could be more. Except I knew you were ashamed of it so I kept it a secret."

"I was never ashamed of us. I was embarrassed, yes, but that's because I didn't think anyone would get my… fantasies."

"I get them."

"I know you do, and so it was perfect. But I want more than the fantasies. Or maybe my fantasies just changed. I like it when you tie me up and do things to me, I really do, but I also like it when we just talk. I loved holding you and sleeping with you that night, and being allowed to touch you the next morning. Then you told me you wanted me tied up, like always, and I knew you didn't want the same things I did."

"I do want those things!" Draco threw his hands up. "I don't know what I'm doing here, Harry."

"Draco." Harry took a deep breath. "I want to have a real relationship with you. I want to keep doing what we were doing, but I don't want to be tied up every time. I want to go out in public with you."

"I want all that too." Draco sighed. "I never thought you'd want people to know you were associating with me willingly. I wasn't trying to hide you, I just assumed you'd want to hide me."

"Well, stop bloody assuming things!" Harry exclaimed.

Draco's mouth twitched. "I suppose I should."

"And… the rest?" Harry asked hesitantly. "About not tying me up? It's what you wanted, after all."

"It's what you wanted too," Draco pointed out.

"I know. I still do, just not always."

"Good. I thought I'd have to keep doing that indefinitely to keep you interested. The hottest thing I ever felt was you touching me that morning, and I was terrified you'd lose interest if I didn't bind you again."

"I think we should have talked sooner. Bloody Hermione's always right," he muttered.

"What's she got to do with it?"

"She knows about us. Ron, too."

"Oh." Draco frowned. "And how do they feel about it?"

"They don't care, so long as I'm happy. But… I can't keep our relationship separate from them, Draco. I know you want to but I can't do it."

"I don't know that I can be friends with them, Harry."

"You made up with me," he pointed out.

Draco's face softened. "You're different."

"They are too. It doesn't matter that Hermione is Muggle-born or that Ron's family isn't wealthy."

"No, but it does matter that we have years of animosity between us."

"We did, too, and if we can overcome that to become whatever it is we're becoming then surely you can manage to be civil to them."

"And what of them?" Draco huffed. "Are you going to allow them to belittle me?"

"No, I won't. I want to be able to be in the same room with all of you without being uncomfortable. That doesn't mean I don't want us to spend time alone, and it doesn't mean I won't stand up for you. Or them, if you're in the wrong," Harry warned.

Draco nodded stiffly. "I suppose I can try, if it will please you."

"It will."

They stood in the deserted corridor and stared at each other for a long moment before Draco smiled. "Does this mean we're together again?"

"I guess it does."

"And you're wanting to tell people about us?"

"I am, yes."

"Good." He grabbed Harry and kissed him soundly as Ginny and Neville rounded the corner together.

"Wow," Harry said, dazed, when they parted. He grinned at his stunned friends and took Draco's hand. "Let's go, yeah?"

"Definitely." Draco tossed a smug look at Ginny and Neville.

"What was that all about?"

"Now it's not a secret. And if the girl Weasley had any lingering ideas about you, she knows that you're taken."

"So is she, and neither of us is interested in rekindling anything."

"Of course you're not, you have me now. I doubt you'll ever want anyone else again," he said airily. "But as she tossed you aside for Longbottom of all people she'll surely see the error of her ways soon enough and come sniffing after you again."

"She's happy with Neville." Harry squeezed his hand. "But you're probably right that I won't want anyone else. I still want you very much."

"Do you want to go up to the room and pick up where we left off? I think we should probably take a break from the bondage and explore each other properly."

Harry smiled. "I'd love it."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Harry!" Draco moaned. "Please…"

Harry grinned and continued his assault on Draco's body. He was enjoying his first opportunity to touch and taste his lover beyond belief. He'd spent the better part of an hour simply kissing and licking him everywhere – arse and cock, as he'd done before, but also his chest, back, arms, and legs. No patch of skin was left untouched.

Harry ran his hands over Draco's arse greedily as he lapped at his balls. He loved the weight of Draco's engorged cock and heavy sac against his palm and the feel of Draco's flesh beneath his fingers at last. He knew he'd happily allow Draco to bind him again but he intended to spend some quality time touching and exploring first.

"I swear, if you don't fuck me soon I'm going to explode, and not in a pleasant way," Draco told Harry between gritted teeth.

Harry lifted his head and released the nipple he'd been sucking on. "Getting impatient?"

"Hell, yes I am! I was half afraid you've never touch me like this."

"Only half?"

"Well, I'm fairly hard to resist so I was figuring I'd wear you down eventually."

"Prat. Hand me the lube, then, and we'll get started."

Draco reached for the bottle and gave it to Harry, then rolled over and knelt before Harry with his arse raised. "I've been imagining you fucking me this way for ages. It turns me on as much as thinking of tying you up."

"Really?" Harry ran a hand over Draco's buttocks. "It turns me on, too."

"How's the view from back there? Incredible, right?"

"Right," Harry laughed.

"I knew it. Sometimes I'm jealous of you because you get to look at my arse from such a great angle. Of course, I get to look at yours, too, and it's also very nice."

"And that's high praise indeed." Harry dipped a lubed finger into Draco's hole and hissed. "You feel so bloody good."

"Do that again!" Draco gasped.

"What?" Harry pushed his finger in deeper.

"No, the… what you did before. The hiss."

Harry frowned and hissed again. "Like that?"

"Yes," Draco moaned. "Fucking turns me on!"

Harry chuckled and added a second finger. "Yeah? All right… you're so bloody gorgeous that it hurts sometimes," Harry hissed in Parseltongue. "Looking at you is like looking at the most perfect sunrise frozen in time. I told Hermione I'm not in love with you yet but I think I'm getting there very quickly."

"What are you saying?" Draco asked, panting. "I'm going to fucking come just listening to you. Put your cock in me and do that again."

Only too happy to obey, Harry slicked his cock and pushed into Draco slowly. He loved how it felt to be inside of him no matter the position, but he quite enjoyed being able to grip Draco's hips and thrust at his own pace.

"Harder, please… and talk to me again!" Draco whined.

Harry slammed into Draco, causing them both to cry out. "I love how it feels to be with you. I want to take you out and show you off, and then bring you back to fuck you and remind you you're mine. I want you to tie me up again and suck me off like you did the first time. Most of all, though, I want to sleep with you every night and wake up with you every morning. It's crazy to think about this, since we've only been together a short time, but I'd really like to share a house with you when we graduate in the spring."

Draco moaned and rocked with every hard thrust Harry delivered. He supported himself on one forearm so that he could reach for his cock and wank himself while Harry hissed and fucked him. "Harry…"

"Come for me, Draco, please!" Harry begged, struggling to hold onto his own orgasm. The moment Draco began to spurt onto the bed below himself Harry let go.

They curled up together in the afterglow and Harry kissed Draco's shoulders lazily. Draco purred with pleasure.

"What were you saying to me, Harry?"

"I'll tell you someday."

"Tell me now!"

"No, Draco."

"Was it about my arse?"

"You got me, Draco. It was entirely about your arse."

"I thought it probably was." Draco sighed. "I'm glad we got everything sorted out. I missed you this week."

"I missed you, too. Do you want to go get lunch?"

"Not really. Do you?"

"Not really."

"Are you going to rejoin the Dueling Club?"

Harry sighed. "Probably not. I didn't even want to in the first place – I only joined because you goaded me into it."

"I only joined because I thought for sure you would, and then when you said you weren't I had to goad you into it. I didn't know how else to spend time with you."

"You could have asked me out or something."

Draco snorted. "Because you'd have said yes?"

"You have a point. I just didn't know you then."

"You do now."

"I'm glad for that."

"I am too."

Harry closed his eyes and sighed in contentment. "Do you think anyone would notice if we just moved in here?"

"Probably, but we could try it anyway. Or I could just tie you up in here and bring you food and sex every day."

Harry laughed. "I think I'd rather you just stayed with me all the time. We could have the house elves bring us meals, or maybe the room would provide them."

"Treacle tart, too. Lots of it."

"Definitely." Harry nuzzled Draco's neck. "So we're really going to do this? Be together?"

"Absolutely. Scared, Potter?"

Harry grinned. "You wish."


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